Friday, 26 December 2008

Game Technology

My first gaming experience was on the Amiga A500 16/32-bit multimedia home/personal computer. It was mainly used for gaming, rather than a personal computer. At the time, its advanced graphics and sound were beneficial and well developed. It was simple to use with the games being stored on floppy disks and gameplay being achieved using the ‘Quickshot’ joystick (right image.) I found this joystick easy and comfortable to use. Ergonomically, the design was well thought out. The joystick consisted of two convenient buttons, simply used with the thumb and index finger which provided efficient gameplay. Although the Amiga A500 was not aesthetically pleasing, its performance was enjoyable.

Playstation 1 and 2 was easy to use from the gamepad as the simple functions of it allowed easier control in games. The gamepad evolved from the NES Controller D-Pad (left image) and used features such as analog, rumble and wireless all of which originated from Nintendo.

Nintendo Wii’s controller is shaped more like a remote control rather than a gamepad to suit the gameplay. It is only a matter of time before a rival company releases a console with similar features.

In terms of appearance, Playstation 2 looks much better than the first, however Playstation 3 looks more pleasing than the second. Companies will continue to release new consoles and their looks will improve. Sony released a slim, better looking Playstation 2 which is half the size of the original.

I think the joystick is dying technology as people have had their time with them and moved on to better inventions. It’s not clear as to whether the game pad is dying technology since there are so many consoles that rely on them for gameplay. However, since Nintendo’s release of the Wii, the remote-like controller might become the next best thing.

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