Saturday, 6 March 2010

My intellect may be confused, but emotions will never lie

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog; I needed to get my thoughts down and a slight emotional rant before I forget. This time, I’ve felt an improvement in some time management as the group projects are motivating me to do the work without distractions, although there still are a few distractions that linger. I love my group, we all get on well together and co-operate with each other. If there are conflicting interests, we all work together to come to a final solution that everyone is happy with. No problems there.

But lately, my problem is that I let stupid things distract me from concentration, which is when I drift off into my own world again. I recently found out something that had changed the way I felt, but it was probably for the better since I’m now trying to focus with moving on and getting on with life which is actually harder than I thought. Talking to a few people (even if it did take some alcohol for me to open up) helped a lot and I got a lot of advice I’m grateful for. I’ve always been solo when it came to problems which probably isn’t a good idea as I keep things bottled up, hence even my closest friends don’t know some things about me.

There are things I easily get confused about and think about for long amounts of time like “Where do I stand? What the hells my purpose? Why are we here anyway?” I know I’m probably thinking too deep into something small but I can’t help but observe excessively think about certain things in life. Guess no human being knows the meaning of life, but we just have to live it and find ourselves. I really don’t think I’ve fully found myself just yet; I have much exploration to do and I don’t think I did any favours by staying in Leicester for university since I’ve been here all my life, I should’ve expanded my horizons. The only reason I did stay was for the course.

Its hard not to let certain aspects in life interfere with what’s really important, but moving on is the best thing to do now so I can go forward and make the best things in life priority rather than putting efforts into something or someone and not getting anywhere.